Who we are

Welcome to our school

Since its establishment in 2005, the Iraqi School has raised generations of students with a commitment to their learning, a goal in personal success and a common love for the Ahlulbayt.

What we do

Child development
& education

All members of our school community take pride in the delivery of quality first teaching. At the Iraqi School, our students are taught Arabic, The Holy Quran, Islamic studies and have a range of sport options, for classes ranging from Nursery, through to GCSE level. In addition to this, we also cater for children who are new to the Arabic language, giving them a more focused learning experience.

Our Success

Why choose us

Outstanding Performance

In our over decade-long legacy of nurturing the ‘unique potential’ of every child, we have achieved excellence year on year in our GCSE results, with a 100% A*-A record last year.

Islamic Values

Our goal is nurture our pupils with strong Islamic principles so that they too can maintain these values into their adulthood. We hope to inspire the young Muslim leaders of tomorrow.

Online Learning

We pledge to be keep up to date with the latest technologies that help advance student learning. We use Google Classroom to ensure all students have the necessary resources at their fingertips.


Over the years, we have nurtured a strong school community where your child can engage with like minded students and make life-long friends. Social development is at the heart of our priorities.
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