At the Iraqi School, we are privileged in having the scope and opportunity to teach our students the Arabic language through an engaging, current and skill-based curriculum. We deliver lessons in Arabic for children from Nursery through to GCSE. Our staff are dedicated to teaching the language in an interactive and differentiated approach.We aim to bring an element of enthusiasm, interactivity and passion to allowing our pupils to learn the language of the holy Quran.

Our pupils are examined in all subjects at the end of each term.

Key learning areas

Our Classes


At this level children are taught the Arabic alphabet, from Elif to Yaa’. They are also taught words with each letter to begin developing their Arabic word bank. We ensure our teaching methods are relevant and engaging, using videos and interactive elements when available.


Through differentiated and engaging activities, we introduce a range of grammatical structures within the Arabic language. We also focus on developing their reading, a key aspect to developing the foundations of their knowledge and confidence in learning Arabic.

Year 1

In Year One we explore how to correctly communicate and create dialogue to help them connect with others. We focus on strengthening key vocabulary relating to a given topic that will link in learning how to develop a confident flow in communicating in Arabic with others.

Year 2

In Year Two we introduce sentence construction and grammar. In addition, we build on what is taught in Year One, and develop their communication skills to be able to interact confidently in their everyday lives using the Arabic language. We also focus on growing their vocabulary range relating to given topics with an extensive list of words.

Year 3

In Year 3, we focus on how to initiate and maintain complex dialogue with others. We strengthen their reading ability in order to read unseen sentences and vocabulary.

Year 4

In Year Four we develop their reading and dissect and understand long extracts and written dialogue. We also further grow their vocabulary with new unseen words. We also focus on an extended range of grammatical constructs to allow them to increase their confidence in using the correct language for communicating, reading and writing.

Year 5

We engage in dialogue using specific exercises which allows them to confidently apply new vocabulary and correct grammar. We also introduce them to GCSE listening extracts whilst answering questions related to what is said. We also give them topics to write about in their own style. We will focus on how to use the grammatical concepts correctly in their own writing.

Year 6

This will be the stage where children will be prepared for a secondary school level of Arabic learning. There will be an emphasis in consolidating the children’s skills in reading given extracts confidently, creating and engaging in dialogue and answering appropriate questions and writing an extract on a given topic whilst applying both the vocabulary and grammar they have learnt.


Pupils will be preparing for the four main areas of the Arabic language exam: understanding a spoken extract, dialogue, understanding a piece of written text and independent writing.


Within this stage, pupils will improve further on the four main aspects of the Arabic exam (see Pre-GCSE). Lessons will entail a practical element whereby they will have the opportunity to gain an improved and detailed understanding of the language and its application. We also further improve our ability to complete timed GCSE exam past papers..


This is the final part in our secondary stage teaching. Here the pupils will be taught the skills and methods of answering exam-based questions to prepare them for the GCSE paper at the end of the year. They will be encouraged to be more independent in expressing themselves and answering an exam style question. This will be done both written and orally.