As well as having a high standard of academic delivery for our pupils, we also pride ourselves on providing active and creative opportunities for our children to develop skills, outside of the classroom.

We offer the children a range of creative activities such as cake decorating, floral arrangement classes, baking lessons, sports and more, to choose from within their نشاط/activity lesson.
In addition to this, we have weekly football sessions for the boys whereby they compete in teams against one another in friendly matches.

As a whole school, the children are offered several opportunities to showcase their creative and presenting skills too.
We have several annual school celebrations with various elements to them such as plays performed by the children, Quran recitation and competitions and more.  

We hold an annual hijab celebration for girls who have approached the age of wearing hijab and have chosen to embark on their journey with it.

Key learning areas

Develop independent, creative
and critical thinkers


Our Kindergarten students spend one- on- one time reading every day with our reading instructor


Children’s math experiences expand as they count higher, compare more, make graphs, expand patterning skills

Bible Studies

Our beliefs are that the Bible is the Word of God. This also means in school it is important to teach the important things

Circle Time

This helps children learn how to function in a group setting ~ that there is a time to talk and a time to listen


Students are involved in many fun art projects consisting of different mediums such as painting, play dough, cutting...

Physical Education

The main goal for our pre-kindergarten classes is to focus on their basic locomotive skills