Popular questions

We teach Arabic, Deen (Islamic Studies) & Quran from Nursery to GCSE.

We teach once a week, every Saturday from 9.45am to 3.30pm.

We operate as a non-profit. In order to keep the school running we charge a fee of £120 per term. We also offer discounts for multiple children.

We teach students from 4 years old and up. At our discretion we may accept children from 3 years.

Check out our term dates on the Dates page.

Just go to iraqischool.org.uk/register and follow the instructions!

As we are a non-profit, our goal is to make education as accessible as possible by minimising its cost. In order to grow the school and invest in better resources we greatly appreciate your donations.

Of course! We provide students with text books in all 3 subjects (Arabic, Quran, Islamic Studies).

Yes absolutely. We believe that consistent revision and testing of content learnt in the classroom leads to better understanding of topics. As a result, we ensure homework is given weekly and students are assessed regularly with tests and end of term exams.

We ensure parents & teachers are connected via Whatsapp. Contact us if you would like to learn more.

We always want to ensure we are up to date and digitally progressive. We utilise Google Classroom in setting & submitting homework online, uploading worksheets, materials and other resources for the student to be able to access online and allowing students to track their marks and progress. Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this.

Absolutely not! Our school is diverse in all cultures and backgrounds and our doors are open to everyone.