At the Iraqi School student well-being, Islamic knowledge and a spiritual connection with Allah, are some of the fundamental foundations which underpin our Islamic Studies curriculum.

The Islamic Studies curriculum is designed to enhance and build our students in understanding key fundamental beliefs and allowing them to reach valid conclusions to why fundamental Islamic principles are in place. We also teach and encourage good manners (Akhlaq), using the Prophet (PBUH) as our role model, exploring how he dealt with various challenges and applying it to those faced in our day-to-day lives. With the help and collaboration of both teaching staff and parents, we hope to build a generation of youth that will strive in succeeding professionally in the future, whilst holding a strong-rooted belief in Allah and Islamic moral principles which they apply to their lives daily. 

Our pupils are examined in all subjects at the end of each term.

Key learning areas

Our Classes


Within our Pre-GCSE class we will be using a segment from the Islamic curriculum in which pupils will explore fundamental Islamic beliefs and delve deep into their evidence. Alongside this, contemporary issues and challenges faced by our youth will be delved into in a safe and understanding environment.


GCSE 1 will also be using the same segment from the Islamic curriculum, with a deeper understanding. However, there will be more of a focus on the practical aspects of Islamic rules and laws, using the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and how we can apply these practices into our lives today.


GCSE 2 class will be using the next segment (chapter eight) from the Islamic curriculum where we will be looking deeper into Quranic verses and gain a detailed understanding (tafseer) allowing pupils to recognise how relevant the Quran's teaching are in our world today and how they can be applied.